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What if you could send a Personalized Fax to each of the US Senators, and each Member of The US House Of Representatives,  in seconds?

Well now you can! Using Politifax.com, you can send your fax to all of congress within seconds! Does it frustrate you that government doesn't seem to listen to you and your concerns? Did you know that faxing congress is one of the quickest ways to get your concerns in front of them? Did you know that if you e-mail them, they usually get tossed aside? You can avoid the frustration by sending them a fax!

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Those words written in 1791, mean more today than ever. Every American Citizen has the right for their concerns and opinions to be heard by those whose decisions can have a direct impact our day to day lives.

But how do you make sure the members of the United States House of Representatives and the US Senate hears your thoughts?

Writing individual letters and mailing them is time consuming and costly, sending a fax is only a fraction of the cost of printing a letter. Faxing is less than .25 per person for all of congress. If you were to send a letter, it would cost to print it, proccess it (mailing labels, postage, ink, etc) and cost you more than .65 per letter!

But now there is Politifax.com. This simple and affordable service allows you to FAX your thoughts and concerns to the desk of every United States Senator or Each and Every Member of the US House of Representatives immediately. Simply enter your letter on the handy Politifax form or attach it and it will be faxed to the desk of EACH MEMBER of Congress .
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